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Take a Selfie


Simply stated, a selfie is a self-portrait photograph, usually captured by a digital camera or a cell phone that is either held in the hand or accompanied by a selfie stick

How to Take a Selfie

To take a selfie, first open the camera application. Make sure the camera is on and facing you. Look in the top right corner of the screen for an icon that will switch between front and back facing cameras, and tap the icon so that you can see your face. Hold the phone so that your entire face is visible, and then tap the white shutter button in the bottom center. You have taken a selfie!

Tips for Taking Selfies

The golden rule when it comes to selfies is that the photo must be taken by the subject, but beyond that, there are ways to ensure the best quality:

1) Make sure to use an angle that flatters your face. Many say that taking the photo at a slight angle looks better than a photo taken straight on. Practice by taking photos from different angles to see what looks best. Everyone has different features they like to accentuate, so it’s important to find what works for you.

2) Hold the phone with one hand instead of using both. The ideal selfie shows only the face and occasionally the shoulders, but try to avoid having your arms visible in the picture as you hold the phone out in front of you.

3) Be sure to use good lighting. If possible, try to take your selfie either in the sunlight or in a well lit room, but avoid dark rooms or fluorescent lighting. Natural light is usually the most flattering.

4) Hold your hand steady to avoid blurry photos. Be sure the autofocus is turned on and that you can see the white box appear around your face, which means that the camera is focusing. Keep your hand as still as possible when you hit the shutter button to achieve the clearest resolution. If you wish to take multiple photos, wait a second or two before tapping the shutter button again. Tapping the button many times in rapid succession is likely to cause camera shakiness, resulting in blurry images.

Finding the Best Selfie Poses

There is no golden rule when it comes to finding that “perfect pose,” as you learn how to take a selfie. Simply put, as with many things, experimentation is key! Something as simple as giving off different facial expressions as you capture an image could make a world of difference. Such expressions can easily change the perceived mood associated with a photograph in an instant.

Selfie Poses

“Look at the camera and smile!” A phrase heard all too often and something that we frequently, could go without. Every once in a while, don’t be afraid to look away from the camera! Not only could selfie ideas such as this give off the impression that a candid photograph was taken, but the results you achieve, in fact, may even surprise you.

The Rise in Popularity of the Selfie

Social media heavily contributed to the global awareness of the selfie. They were often used as profile pictures by individuals with MySpace and Facebook accounts who wanted to showcase themselves. Even to this day, with newer social networks such as SnapChat and Instagram, selfies have become as popular as ever.

With the introduction and emerging popularity of the selfie, came the debut of hashtags. A unique way for people to describe their photos in their selfie captions and instantly make them searchable by others. Some of the most popular selfie hashtags include #like4like, #instafollow, #webstagram and #igdaily.

In January of 2014, the selfie song entitled #SELFIE was released to the public and has gone on to accumulate over 400 million views in a very short timespan. Selfie lyrics and the meanings associated with the words can be found here.

Selfie Trends

As with many internet phenomena, the inception of the selfie has given rise to various trends and fads. Some of the most popular include the selfie stick, the selfie booth, selfie books, and the selfie olympics.

The Selfie Stick

The selfie stick is a device created to enable selfies to be taken beyond the normal range of the arm. The phone rests in a clamp at one end of the stick. The stick is then extended, widening the frame of the photo and making it possible to include multiple people or more background scenery. This allows users to capture images of themselves in a group of friends, or with a landscape behind them. The selfie stick is available in several colors and can be purchased through most major retail stores.

The Selfie Booth

The selfie booth is a portable photo studio that can be used in the home or at events and parties. It operates like a photo booth and includes an app for connecting to a smartphone. Users can choose from a selection of background themes as well as use special features like green screen technology, graphics, and animated stickers to enhance their photos.

Selfie Books

Selfies have become so popular that it is not uncommon for them to be compiled into books. Kim Kardashian, reality star and the second most popular celebrity on Instagram, recently published a book devoted entirely to selfies she has taken. Her book, entitled “Selfish,” was released in May. There are websites available where users can create their own selfie albums to preserve their photos or give them as a gift. Albums can be custom made online and then ordered for delivery.

Selfie Olympics

Selfie Olympics (otherwise known as Trick Shot Selfie) is a photo fad that involves taking a selfie while either engaging in an unusual activity or posing in a physically challenging position. One example features a young woman brushing her teeth while balancing on her bathroom counter using only her forearms while one foot, propped at the top of the bathroom door, holds the phone and captures the photo. Another photo portrays a young man submerged in one of two visible ball pits while surrounded by large stuffed animals and other bizarre items.

The selfie is one trend that will go down in the books as a way of remembering this period in time. As is the way with fads, its popularity will not last forever, but we can rest assured that this time in history will not soon be forgotten – if for no other reason than the multitudes of self-captured photos available to document it for years to come.